Friday, February 13, 2009

the beginning

People keep telling me that i should write stuff, so i am going to write stuff. i don't actually expect that anyone will read the stuff, but i am going to stuff it all in this blog anyway. i even almost got out of my car today to tell the lady behind me in the parking lot to stuff it when she leaned on her horn several times, presumably wanting me to move faster. that made me kind of irritated, so i just sat there on purpose. then she leaned on her horn for a full 30 seconds without interruption. i would have sat there even longer, but my friend laurie was in the car with me and wondered out loud why she ever goes anywhere with me. i wondered out loud right back about why she ever does. that made two people in close vicinity want to punch me, so i moved the car. but i did not want to. was the chunky middle-aged lady with a home perm driving an ambulance? no. burgundy 1984 junk heap. were we in the parking lot of a hospital, perhaps near the emergency room? no. target. was someone drowning that she needed to save? no. pavement. was her house on fire? maybe. i don't know where she lives. i would like to know what the big hurry was. i wasn't even going that slow. now i will never find out, thanks to laurie. so she can stuff it too. but in a nice way, because i actually like her. you know, i had to tie in that stuff it thing that i started at the beginning but never had any plans for and then it just felt like there wouldn't be any closure if i didn't put it in at the end.
(this is a photo of laurie when she is not mad at me)

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  1. ok, so i'm reading your stuff and i'm liking it. now what do we do?